TRIPTICUBE is designed to create an interactive experience with the intention of build a close relationship between users and objets.
With a minimal and elegant style, it is inspired by the construction system of lego and their different combinations.

The modular system offers multiple configurations that allow you to change the space as many times as you want.
The idea is people to acquire the cubes and according to their needs invade the space through modules are generated. People can create a coffee table, a library or TV module.

For TRIPTICUBE we use CE certified materials, but above all timber coming from woods to controlled reforestation.

100% of the products we use in painting, for wood preservation and beautification, are exclusively water based, protecting both the environment and the health of our customers.

This choice is aimed at keeping the “Green” soul of our productions with a craftsmanship totally MADE IN ITALY.

Juan Menendez

Juan Menendez | Designer

Born in Colombia, he received his degree as an Industrial Designer from the National University of Colombia. After graduating he continued his studies in Mexico doing a Diploma in Interior Spaces Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. His professional experience ranges from the design of products and brands to the design and development of interior spaces, including restaurants, bars, schools and residential projects. Later he won a scholarship to go to Italy to do a master’s degree in Interior and Living Design at Domus Academy, Milan, where he had the opportunity to intervene in different projects with Italian brands.

Recently he was part of a group of designers in an architecture studio responsible for developing retail spaces for different companies in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. He likes to be informed about design trends and analyze the different interior spaces together with the furniture that accompanies it, distribution, lighting, human factors, etc.

He is a football fan, daily runner, he also likes movies and video games. He won a scholarship and is currently studying a master course in innovation at the h2i institute in Madrid.

Alberto Pancotti | Architect interior designer

Born in Italy, he received his degree as an Architecture from the Politecnico of Milan. After graduating he continued his studies doing a specializations in Interior Design; LED Lighting Design; Architectonical CAD (with Rhino and 3DStudio).

His professional experience ranges from the design of products to the design and development of interior spaces and the architectonical and tecnical project at the 360 degrees.

He is a yoga and runner, he also likes healtly food, photo and hand-drawing paint.

Alberto Pancotti
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FLAPstudio is a creative architectural design lab, which operates at your side, ready to evolve. You will have a multidisciplinary team, which can readily work on simple and/or complex projects coordinating different areas: architecture, engineering, product design. 

FLAP believes that only by working with the best professionals you can get the best results!

FLAPstudio strives in the best way serve clients in order to be their “trusted advisor”. We will not take a job or a project if we do not believe we will deliver it 100%.

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We are your partners in the development stage, in the integration of your ideas in order to respond specifically to your goals. A team member is always available to answer your questions and quickly find effective solutions.How we help? Just ask! FLAP is passionate about problem-solving. We are proud to take time to fully understand your needs. The creative team will work with you, from concept to completion, make sure that your project receives the attention it deserves. Whether it is designing a simple website or a continuous web support, whether you’re a creative consultancy for your living space or work space, we will produce great results always tailored to your budget.


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